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If you’ve unsuccessfully struggled to lose weight previously, but failed or simply don’t know where to start, you need a Fort Worth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program designed especially for you to maximize the potential for success. While the general rules for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu don’t vary, you need to eat fewer calories than you burn, everyone has a different lifestyle, different needs and different level of fitness. Personal trainers identify all these things and then design individual programs for each of their clients.

Trainers assess your fitness level and identify any weak muscle groups.

Before you do the first jumping jack or sit up, the trainer assesses your overall fitness level and identifies your strengths and weaknesses. If large muscle groups are weaker, smaller ones may have to take over their tasks, which can cause injury when working out. Trainers work toward overall fitness, including building strength and endurance. You’ll also work on flexibility, which increases the range of motion and makes you less prone to injury that can put an end to your exercise program for a while.

You’re not like anyone else.

A program that’s good for a stay at home mom or dad doesn’t work for someone that travels in his or her job. There are different temptations and problems facing both. While the stay at home parent may be tempted to snack because the food is always accessible, the one on the road faces eating in restaurants and trying to make healthy choices. Scheduling exercise times for both may be difficult, particularly if the stay at home parent has small children. Health problems can also create special needs.

You’ll learn a new way of eating.

Whether you’re at home, working in an office or on the road, changing your eating habits is important. Diets don’t work because they always end and you return to old habits that put the weight on in the first place. Personal trainers show you how to make smarter food selections. They may offer suggestions for substitutions in restaurants, such as balsamic vinegar instead of oily salad dressing or ways to cook food with lower calories, such as using unsweetened applesauce to replace some of the oil in baked goods. Trainers will help you prepare for those times when you need a snack, giving you suggestions for healthier ways to satisfy that need.

When you combine regular exercise with healthier eating, you give fat an eviction notice. Exercise burns extra calories and healthier eating lowers those you consume.

As you become fitter, you build muscle tissue and muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does, so you’ll be burning more calories 24/7.

You’ll see results faster since you’ll work harder. The personal trainer designs a program that’s challenging, but still within your capabilities. As you become fitter, the trainer adjusts the program to reflect the improvement.

Personal trainers provide a lot of support and motivation. However, they also hold you accountable.

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