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If you aren’t sure what to do as a group for your time out after work, consider signing up at a Watauga Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. While stopping at a restaurant can sometimes get boring, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu never does. You’ll always be working at your maximum and boredom is never part of the picture. Personal trainers run Brazilian Jiu Jitsus and design individual programs for each participant.

Before you do anything, the trainer assesses your fitness level.

The personal trainer identifies your level of fitness, including finding weak muscle groups, listens to your goals and any special needs. Only then does the trainer design an exercise program specifically for you. The program will be challenging, but still within your abilities. While everyone in the group may be doing pushups, fitter individuals will do more challenging forms while those less fit may do pushups from a bended knee position.

Fitness Brazilian Jiu Jitsus use little or no equipment.

Many of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsus use similar exercises as military Brazilian Jiu Jitsus. These exercises may involve using body weight or may be calisthenics. The trainer gives you a wide selection of different exercises over the course of the camp, so you’ll be armed with ones to do at home after the camp ends.

Some camps include nutritional information.

Some camps, particularly those focusing on weight loss, provide nutritional information. While the trainer doesn’t give you a diet, he or she does show you how to make changes to your eating habits and make wiser food selections. The help may include how to substitute lower calorie food for high calorie ones, such as using Greek yogurt to replace mayonnaise or sour cream. It may include ways to cook healthier or arm yourself with healthy snacks for those mid afternoon hunger pangs. One you learn a healthier way of eating, you’ll never have to diet again.

You’ll get all the benefits of having a personal trainer but at a drastically lower price than private sessions. Everyone shares the cost of the trainer’s time at a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, so it’s far less per capita.

There’s a lot of comradery at a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, even if you don’t come with a group. You’ll often hear people cheering each other on to success. Everyone knows how hard it is to achieve goals so they all have empathy for one another.

You’ll work harder, but see results faster. Nothing is more motivating to continue than results.

As your level of fitness improves, the personal trainer adjusts your program to reflect that improvement.

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